CBD for Children

The very idea of ​​giving your child “drugs” repels many people. However, when it comes to sick children, no parent hesitates to have their son or daughter prescribe medication. While we do not even know the exact content of many pharmaceutical products.

In the United States, there were even parents who moved their sick child to a state where medicinal cannabis was legal. Medical cannabis is now available on prescription in 28 states from so-called dispensaries (translated as a pharmacy). Even 5 states allow the recreational use of cannabis.

This does not only concern the THC variant of cannabis, but also the CBD variant that is extracted from hemp.

Drop under the tongue

Research has now shown that CBD oil reduces the severity of epileptic seizures and also decreases the number of seizures.

When your child has epilepsy, you do everything you can to improve and preserve that precious life. Usually, one drop under the tongue is enough. This of course differs per person, because every person reacts differently to CBD.


ADHD is a condition in which there is a lack of concentration. Children with ADHD experience restlessness in their bodies that is mistaken by the outside world for too much energy. According to a psychologist who supervises children with ADHD, an extra round of running or more sports has no effect. The unrest is often in the head and causes chaos.

ADHD creates an imbalance in the body and the body will do everything it can to create balance. With the help of CBD, the imbalance caused by ADHD (cortisol level too high, dopamine too low) can be brought back into balance.

The cannabinoids from CBD support the endocannabinoid system to get back into balance [read the article about it here].

Other conditions

Epilepsy and ADHD are two of the many syndromes in which CBD oil has a complementary effect. Although CBD is seen by many people as a panacea, we would like to urge you to inform you well in advance about CBD oil and the use of CBD oil for your children.

Not everyone is convinced of CBD oil despite the many positive experiences of many users.

When you understand what CBD oil does (it supports the body to get back into balance), you also understand why many people see CBD as a miracle cure.

There are several forums on the internet, for example, this one, where you can get more information about CBD oil.

If you are considering giving CBD oil to your child, be well informed about the dose and effect and how you can achieve the best result to get your child’s body back in balance.

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