CBD For Pets – Is CBD also something for your pet?

We now know that CBD products can have a positive effect on many different complaints in humans. Could your pet benefit from that too? And how much can he use?

CBD against fear in animals

Just like people, pets can also suffer from anxiety disorders. These can be real fears. A fear of frightening situations is of course quite normal. But what if your dog hides from everyone or starts barking at every sound? This may have arisen from reactions learned in the past that have now become habitual. People can suffer from phobias, which makes them avoid certain situations. For example, dogs can also develop a phobia of fireworks or thunder. Some breeds are more prone to it than others. Hemp products with CBD can help reduce anxiety in dogs.

CBD in dogs, cats and horses

In dogs and cats, CBD is used for all kinds of different complaints. Sometimes in addition to regular medicines such as antibiotics. Among other things, it can reduce pain and anxiety, so that your pet can enjoy his life again and does not have to retreat into a corner because of the pain.

Not only do dogs and cats use CBD, horses also benefit from it. Both with fear and restlessness and when they have disorders in which inflammatory processes play a role. Consider, for example, joint inflammation.

Even with physical complaints

And the applicability of CBD in animals is even greater. In addition to anxiety and phobias, it is used for cancer, digestive problems and nausea, epilepsy, joint and movement complaints, pain, inflammation and allergies. CBD can even be used for general age-related complaints and for general well-being.

Research in the USA is very positive

A study was conducted in the US on the use of CBD products in pets. The data came from a survey conducted by a company that markets hemp products (with CBD) for pets. The majority of dog owners (77% of those who completed the survey) reported administering the product to their dog for a vet-diagnosed disease or condition. Most ailments were seizures, cancer, anxiety, and arthritis. In cats, it was also mainly used for cancer, anxiety, and arthritis.

Many dog ​​owners indicated that the products are effective in reducing pain. It helped moderately to well for 64%. To improve sleep, 50% reported moderate to good effects and for anxiety reduction, 49% of owners rated it moderately to well effective.

It has also been reported to reduce seizures, inflammation, and nausea, and vomiting. It also helps with muscle spasms, inhibits cell growth in tumors and cancer, and has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestinal problems. Pets also often respond well to thunderstorms and fireworks. CBD can also work well in pets with skin complaints. It can then be used both internally and externally.

Side effects of CBD in animals

As a side effect, it has been reported that in some cases the appetite may increase and the animals sometimes become extra sleepy. This can usually be prevented by increasing the dose more slowly.

Dosage CBD in dogs and cats

Experiences of a Dutch vet show that it does not matter much whether a small cat or a large dog receives CBD oil. Usually, three drops of a 2.5-5% strength are sufficient for treatment. Of course, you can start with 1 drop of low strength of 2-2.5%. And increase this according to the effect.

Your pets can also benefit from the beneficial effects of CBD oil.

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