Is CBD oil the food trend of 2022?

It’s 2022! We ate, drank well, and partied. It’s time for the reality check again: the ‘normal’ life with healthy food and a balanced lifestyle. It is done with the many and especially fatty food. Now of course the question is: what can we expect this year in terms of food trends/health trends? In any case, we saw something very striking in this list…

CBD among the food trends of 2022

In addition to the well-known ‘eat less meat, there is also something special on the list this year. Namely CBD (oil). The food supplement that trend-watchers say will be the food trend in 2022. We currently already have quite a few types of CBD oils, so that everyday products are now also enriched with CBD. Take, for example, coffee, tea or chewing gum with CBD.

For anyone who doesn’t know what CBD is…

For anyone who has stopped following it for a while: CBD is short for cannabidiol. This substance comes from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. You can simply take CBD safely. You can’t get high or stoned from it. It is a legal substance in the Netherlands. Currently, CBD is known as a dietary supplement.

Why is CBD so special?

Now of course the key question: why is it on this list? Well, CBD offers many benefits. CBD oil is known for its essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and (most importantly) cannabinoids. Cannabinoids such as CBD play on the endocannabinoid system, which influences various functions in our body, both physical and mental. This system effectively responds to:

  • your night’s sleep
  • calming and analgesic effect
  • mood
  • appetite
  • neurological disorders
  • and much more…

What’s available with CBD?

In addition to the standard CBD products, such as oil, capsules and pastes, there are also more and more special CBD products. These are everyday foods or drinks to which CBD has been added. That way it becomes easier to take CBD. Please note: not everything with CBD is equally tasty. It is special.

  • CBD oil. You can of course add this oil to anything. Put a few drops in your food or go crazy and drop CBD oil through your cocktails, shakes or smoothies.
  • CBD coffee. Yes, it really exists. Coffee combined with CBD. Start your day with a caffeine shot and a dose of CBD.
  • hemp tea. Not every hemp tea contains CBD. Some teas only contain substances from hemp such as healthy fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins, without CBD. As a result, this tea contributes more than normal tea.
  • Chocolate with CBD. Serious. We haven’t tried it yet.
  • Candy and cake with CBD. Some candies and cookies with CBD are surprisingly tasty. Really worth a try.
  • hemp seed oil; the substitute for olive oil. Delicious as a dressing over the salad or for frying vegetables, meat or fish. This oil may not contain CBD, but it does contain all the goodness from hemp seeds. Be careful not to bake too hot with hemp seed oil. It is also suitable for deep-frying, but a different oil will not ensure that you eat less fat in 2022.
  • Mayonnaise with CBD oil. This is not yet for sale (online), but you can get it at a Dr. Pieper in Amsterdam. Yummy? Opinions are divided on that.

Other food trends

In addition to CBD, these food trends are also on the schedule for 2022:

  • Medicinal mushrooms, such as reishi, chaga, and lion’s mane.
  • Organic cocktails with less alcohol.
  • Sweet hummus, chickpeas with chocolate for example.
  • The vegan lifestyle. Take for example the carrot tartare or cauliflower steak.

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