“Cliff Notes” on Gut Health and CBD Bud

Gut health and CBD bud is a huge topic for a couple reasons. A person is only as healthy as his or her gut is. One of the big problems in gut health is inflammation. CBD holds all the cards when it comes to inflammation.


Inflammation is one of the primary conditions which is corrected with CBD dosing. On the other hand, the gut is where it happens, or it doesn’t happen. CBD bud helps to correct dysfunctions in the gut as well as then maintain normal gut function. Gut health and CBD bud is key to maintaining homeostasis in the body. And we know that CBD hemp bud is all over homeostasis.

CBD Bud and Inflammation – The “Gut Feeling” of it All

When was the last time you told your best friend, “This is my ‘gut feeling’?”  Maybe you thought that meant someone was having a premonition of sorts but let’s spin this a different way. Some call your gut, your second brain because there is a significant connection between your gut and your brain.  When do you get indigestion? When your mind is distressed, worried or anxious. When does your stomach turn cartwheels? When you’re excited, scared or apprehensive. Can’t poop when you’re stressed, right. It all tightens up down there when you are stressed about finishing as assignment, being caught in traffic or late to a meeting.

CBD and Gut Motility

Gut motility is the stretching and contractions of the muscles in the GI tract, which helps to move food through the digestive process. When nerves or muscles in any portion of the gut don’t function at their normal level, you can develop symptoms like diarrhea, constipation (or both), cramping, bloating, etc. Gut health and CBD bud does change the landscape for motility issues which are as follows:

CBD can help regulate motility by dampening overstimulation at the CB1 receptors and indirectly interacting with CB2 receptors, creating better balance in the ECS. Furthermore, CBD impacts the enteric nervous system (“the brain below”) through serotonin receptors that are key mediators of motility, secretion, and pain sensation.

CBD and Inflammation – The ECS

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is supposed to keep the entire body in homeostasis or in health. But sickness happens, disease comes and leaves the body vulnerable and there are encounters with environmental factors to upset that balance. These imbalances cause inflammation, inflammation upsets the cell action then there is more inflammation resulting in a vicious circle.  CBD bud oil or hemp bud nugs consumed have a way of interacting with our own ECS to restore the signal from the neurotransmitters that have gotten disrupted.

CBD in whatever form you choose to consume it is the effective way to bring balance back to your gut. Then when you get a “gut feeling”, it is telling you the truth, not giving you a false narrative about what is happening in your “selfie world”.

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