Does Cannabidiol Help With Psychosis?

Can cannabidiol, a naturally occurring substance in cannabis, help people with psychosis sensitivity? Researchers are hopeful.

Our brains contain microglia. These are cells that ensure that other brain cells work at their best. But they also defend the brain against disease. Researchers believe that in schizophrenia, these microglia defend too much and care for too little. Cannabidiol may restore the balance between grooming and defending. Cannabidiol is a substance that occurs naturally in cannabis, but it doesn’t get you high or stoned.


“In this study, we closely examine the effect of cannabidiol treatment on the functioning of microglia. We compare the effect of cannabidiol with the effect of a placebo; a product without an active ingredient. The examination includes blood draws, MRI scans, and questionnaires.


Bossong indicates that it is still possible to participate. It concerns people between the ages of 16 and 40 who had their first psychosis less than 5 years ago. The researchers emphasize that cannabis use cannot be compared and is not recommended.

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