Health Benefits and Risks Of Cannabis

Hemp is considered harmful for health, but do you know that if the right dose of hemp is taken, it can be beneficial for health. Taking the right dose of cannabis has many health benefits. Ganja acts as an excellent painkiller, not only that, it also helps in fighting diseases like brain stroke and cancer. Let’s know about the benefits related to the health of cannabis considered harmful.

Health Benefits of Hemp

Addiction of cannabis, hashish or hemp (marijuana) is harmful for the body, almost all of us know this. But do you know that if the right dose of marijuana is taken, it can be beneficial for health. It protects us from many diseases. Science has also confirmed this. Let us know about the health benefits associated with cannabis.


Most people with sugar have damage to the nerves of their hands or feet and this results in burning sensation in some part of the body. According to the University of California, hemp relaxes the pain arising from nerve damage. According to another research, drinking cannabis can provide great relief to those patients with chronic nerve damage. There is a lack of effective medication for such pain. Some patients affected by this type of pain say that hemp has proved beneficial in the symptoms of their disease.

Protect brain

Hemp is also very good for the brain. Researchers at Nottingham University have proved that hemp protects the brain from damage in the event of a stroke. Hemp limits the effect of stroke to only a few parts of the brain. Also, the use of cannabis showed improvement in cases of sleeplessness and restlessness. Apart from this, according to another research, the elements found in marijuana can avoid epilepsy attack. According to the report, the cannabinoids compound connects cells to the part of the brain that gives peace to humans.

Relieving Hepatitis C Side Effects

Fatigue, runny nose, muscle aches, loss of appetite and depression are side effects encountered in the treatment of Hepatitis C. According to the European Journal of Gastrology and Hepatology, 86 percent of hepatitis C patients can complete the treatment with hepatitis. Hemp is believed to reduce its side effects.

Cataract relief

Hemp is used to prevent and treat cataracts of the eye disease. In this disease, pressure on the pupil of the eye increases, damage to the optic nerves and vision can occur. According to the US National Eye Institute, hemp relieves symptoms of glaucoma. Hemp removes pressure from the optic nerve.

Increase cancer impact and immunity

Hemp is capable of fighting cancer. According to a research conducted in the US, cannabinoids found in marijuana are capable of killing cancer cells. They inhibit the blood cells necessary for tumor growth.

Cannabinoids successfully treat colon cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer. Apart from this, sometimes our immunity starts fighting healthy cells while fighting against diseases. This causes infection in the organs. This is called autoimmune disease. According to South Carolina University in 2014, THC found in hemp replaces the DNA of the molecule responsible for causing infection. Since then autoimmune patients are given hemp supplements.

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