Hemp Soap: carefree bathing for pure and healthy skin

Do you know that? You have just showered and washed with your favorite shower gel and yet your skin feels dry and tight afterward.

What are you doing? You grab the bottle of your favorite body lotion and you start greasing. Afterward, your skin feels smooth and soft (just like the advertising promises) and you are satisfied.

Yet it is the shower gel and the body lotion that is so disastrous for your skin. Your skin produces fat, the so-called sebum, to keep your skin supple and healthy, and the soap you use rinses this fat away.

It is best not to wash yourself with soap at all. But to get rid of your body odor, a little soap with a nice scent every now and then is quite nice.

Shower routine

Nowadays people shower almost daily. And all those people use liters of shower gel every day. Not only does this wash away the fat from your skin, it also often contains agents that you would not normally use on your skin.

How about the microplastic that is in many products. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers of cosmetic products are banning microplastics from their products. Not only is it bad for the environment, but the microplastics penetrate the body through the skin. In the long term, we do not know what the consequences are of all that plastic in your body.

Showering less is healthier

Showering less is much healthier. A shower is wonderful. We will not deny that and cleaning yourself regularly is really not a luxury. It contributes to hygiene and bacteria and germs have less of a hold on you.

Whether you really achieve that by taking a shower every day remains to be seen.

If you take a shower twice a week, you are already doing well. Of course, after exercise, you will shower more. For example after sports or after physical work.

Soap alternative

If you still want to shower every day, you can consider using a different cleaning product. Hemp soap, for example, is such an alternative. It is made from hemp seed oil and contains a high concentration of natural glycerol. Glycerol is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body. The combination of hemp seed oil and glycerol provides a wonderfully soothing and cleansing effect on the skin.

Better for you and better for the environment.

Hemp Soap skin products

There are different types of skin products that are made from hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is known to have anti-aging properties. This allows you to counteract those first signs of aging in a natural way.

Hemp skin products are also ideal for sensitive skin such as eczema, sunburned skin and acne.

The hemp oil is used in body oil, skin balm, body butter, but also in bath oil and shower gel.

Let yourself be surprised by the different products on which hemp oil is based. Also read about coffee containing hemp on our website.

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