Quit smoking? Grab a vaporizer and start with CBD crystals!

40% less smoking

Smoke as much as 40% less within a week; And also with positive long-term results! The results of a British study are so positive that you wonder if it can really be true. Is CBD really that effective? Is a vaporizer really that smart? What is going on?

The hugely positive results with CBD crystals have been achieved by University College London, in a placebo-controlled, double-blind, short-term experiment. In this experiment, 24 participants who wanted to quit smoking were given a ‘vaporizer’ (a ‘vaporizer’ or ‘inhaler’). As soon as they felt like a cigarette, that vaporizer had to be used. In half of the users, the inhaler contained CBD, the other group had a placebo. Nothing happened in the placebo group: smoking did not decrease. But in the CBD group, smoking was reduced by as much as 40%! This group continued to be smokeless even after the end of the study.

Too good to be true?

‘Placebo-controlled’ and ‘double-blind’ are confidence-building terms and indicate serious research. But with a duration of only one week and a limited number of participants, the study cannot be called exhaustive. Scientifically speaking, the study is simply too small to make any health claims. The researchers themselves indicate that (much) more research is needed. However, the experiment does give hope that using the cannabinoid CBD really helps with smoking cessation.

Also interesting is the special way in which the CBD has been used. After all, the research made use of vaporizers that are normally little used to ingest CBD.

Using a vaporizer turns out to be smarter than smoking

Where there is smoke there is fire… and fire is hot. Hotter than is good for your lungs. The glowing and smoldering end of the cigarette has a temperature of about 700 to 900 °C inside… This temperature is already a bit cooler when it ends up in your throat, but you understand that it is still so hot that you undetected damage.

Besides the fact that the smoke from a cigarette is too hot for your lungs; you have no control over the combustion (of your tobacco, herbs or cannabis). And that’s a shame because, during combustion, both very toxic substances can be formed; you don’t want to burn both as beneficial substances. Read more about the beneficial properties of CBD oil on our website.

In a vaporizer, the temperature can be controlled much better. This way you can ensure that something does not burn, but evaporates immediately. As a result, fewer harmful substances are released. You can also choose to heat something to a specific temperature so that exactly the right substances are released. Quite handy (more information about vaporizers can be found here).

CBD via a vaporizer or from a cannabis cigarette

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. One of the most harmful aspects of cannabis smoking is inhaling the burnt (plant) material. When you burn cannabis, the herbs/tobacco present quickly reach a temperature of over 600°C. The temperature range, in which all cannabinoids evaporate, is between 157 and 220 °C… Mhhhhh that makes you think, doesn’t it?

If you don’t have to inhale harmful combustion products… if someone has already ‘collected’ the desired CBD for you (without the THC, the ‘forbidden substance’) … and if you also put that CBD in the most optimal temperature breathing… BINGO right? Then you quickly seem to have found something that is healthier than smoking cigarettes (whether or not with cannabis in it or with it). So the researchers have certainly done something clever! Something you can also do at home because a vaporizer is easily bought, as are the necessary CBD crystals.

Does CBD reduce your need for nicotine?

In this study, there is strong evidence that CBD helps you smokeless. The research is admittedly too small to rely on blindly, but… There have been and are countless studies done on cannabis and its various cannabinoids, including CBD. And they also say something. CBD, for example, has been shown to dampen the effects of THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis); to have an antipsychotic effect, and appears to protect against addiction. There are also studies examining the effect of CBD on Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, diabetes, childhood epilepsy, bowel disorders, cancer, MS, and more. Cannabinoids are really hot at the moment because they seem to play a major role in the human immune system.

Quitting smoking doesn’t mean smoking less

In the study, participants were not asked to quit smoking, only to take a puff of the inhaler first. They smoked significantly less because of this alone, and continued to do so after the study.

So if you want to quit smoking, you have to ask yourself: does this matter? And: ‘is an inhaler with CBD crystals enough for me to stop completely, or do I start with a reduction, to make it easier to quit smoking?’ It seems to me to be a very personal decision.

What is the conclusion now?

There is good evidence that a puff of a vaporizer with CBD crystals will make you smoke less. Despite this very encouraging result, more research is needed.

However, much more information is available than discussed in this small study. The most important of these seem to be:

  • When smoking, it is not (only) the substances in the plant (tobacco or cannabis) that burn that are bad for you – the high temperature of the smoke is much more harmful.
  • Using a vaporizer is less harmful than smoking, partly because of the lower temperature, but also because the material does not burn, but vaporizes directly.
  • There is already a lot of evidence about CBD oil (and other cannabinoids) that it has health benefits, which is not new.
  • A ‘puff’ of a lower temperature full of vapor of a substance that seems to do good things for you seems smarter anyway than a puff of ‘hot smoke full of harmful substances’.
  • I sincerely hope that more, larger and longer studies will follow soon, because such a good but small result really demands more!

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