Three Latin American Countries Legalize Medical Marijuana

The three Latin American countries Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay have drawn up rules for the cultivation and sale of medical cannabis. Chile, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico have previously approved the medicinal use of cannabis.

This means that the wave of legalization seems to be spreading to Latin America. Currently, cannabis for medical purposes is already legal in just over half of the 52 US states. Mexico and Canada are preparing steps to legalize cannabis. As more and more countries legalize cannabis, there seems to be an increasing opportunity to investigate the medical uses of cannabis.


Uruguay has already attracted international attention because the country will legalize recreational use in addition to the medicinal use of cannabis. The government of Uruguay has been investigating legalization options for three years now. The left-progressive country’s new cannabis law will finally come into effect next July.


Latin American countries have established strict rules for medical cannabis users. For example, patients in Uruguay have to identify themselves with fingerprints. In Colombia, four different permits must be applied for before cannabis can be grown. Cannabis products may only be dispensed through pharmacies.


Argentina announced on April 19 that it will legalize the medical use of cannabis. Cannabis oil may soon only be prescribed to patients who do not respond to existing medication. Recognized conditions in Argentina include epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

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